Because there are some companies in the environmental market offering environmental remediation services without the knowledge, credentials, experience, and/or ethics of Earth, and because environmental consulting services are unaffordable by some homeowners, EARTH offers FREE special information to be used as a guideline by homeowners to manage their own environmental projects. The information includes guidelines to prepare an environmental contract. The information is oriented to protect the client from the contractors’ regulatory violations; specifies contractors’ responsibilities; regulatory procedures to be followed; health and safety issues; regulatory testing and testing criteria, and methods of payment.Although a result of any free consultation may be a cost estimate for professional work to achieve a goal, it is our policy that Earth will only suggest or advise work that will bring the client into compliance.

Earth believes that free assistance will assist homeowners in managing their own projects; reduce homeowner environmental liabilities; drive away unqualified contractors, and keep the project cost to a minimum. Any work performed, other than the free advice described above, will be performed for a fee, determined by a proposal and/or contract between Earth and the homeowner or another client.

Residential Special Environmental Testing (ONLY FOR RESIDENTIAL)

In addition to The Homeowner Special Assistance, Earth has designed an Only Residential Environmental Testing Package to provide early detection of any environmental problem associated with mold, asbestos, lead, and radon. The Residential Package is designed to perform multiple environmental testings in a single visit, making the service time and expense more efficient. The Only Residential Environmental Testing Package includes:

Environmental Visual Inspection

It is a visual inspection that will look for visual evidence or indication of potential environmental problems like mold growth, damaged suspect asbestos-containing materials, poor condition of suspect lead-based paint, and fungi growth.

Mold Air Testing

This testing will collect air samples to detect non-visible airborne microorganisms inside and outside of the house and compare inside and outside results.

Mold Growing Conditions Inspection

The inspection will collect environmental data that will help to determine if you have environmental conditions for mold growth. The environmental data includes temperature reading, relative humidity readings, surface moisture readings, and mold nutrients survey.

Lead in Paint Test

The paint with lead testing is a qualitative testing of suspect paint with lead. The test will let you know if you have painted with lead in a maximum of 4 selected spots. The test detects the presence of lead to as little as 5 part per million.

Lead in Soil Testing

In a qualitative way, the test will detect dangerous lead levels in a maximum of four (4) bare soil spots around your house.

Radon Gas Testing

The radon gas test will used two (2) calibrated short-term radon gas detectors at the same time in the same location as is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. The test will give you the concentration of radon gas in the interior of your house. The EPA recommends an annual residential Radon test.

Suspect Asbestos Visual Inspection

The inspection will look for visually suspect asbestos-containing material, assess the material friability condition, and the occupants exposure risk.

The above-limited scope of work is valued at $1,050.00.
Call now to save $700.00 or more.

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