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Earth Environmental Consultants (EARTH)

It’s an environmental organization specializing in consulting services for

Earth Environmental Consultants LLC

Founded by Eduardo Meza, and based in Norwalk, Connecticut, EARTH provides a broad spectrum of environmental management service statewide. Mr. Meza, with more than 20 years experience in project management, is dedicated to satisfying the needs of his client, by delivering the highest quality performance, accurately, on-budget and on- time. Mr. Meza believes that environmental-consulting services should not necessarily be expensive - frequently, a single visit can put a client in compliance with the law. EarthÍŠproject management success is based on clear goal identification, careful planning, thorough plan implementation, experience and knowledge.

Licensed Consultants

Earth personnel are licensed consultants, inspectors, supervisors, management planners, designers, and risk assessors.

Professional Insurance

Earth has a full Insurance comprehensive general liability and Professional Error and omission Liability. The insurance is designed to protect again claims for damages that may occur as a result of our operations. The insurance also protect against claims made as a result of errors, omission including negligent acts of our company arising out of our capacity as an environmental consultant.