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Earth Mission Statement

Earth wants environmental consulting services to always be a part of an environmental problem solution. Environmental consulting services must become more accessible to all the social sectors. Systematic environmental consulting procedures guarantee high quality, accuracy, and prompt environmental problem solutions; reduce cost, and make environmental consulting services more accessible. Part of Earth’s mission is to assist homeowners to be free to manage their own project.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
Earth has developed internal, comprehensive QA/QC Programs in each line of service, including technical procedures and management procedures, to ensure the quality of its work. The quality of Earth’s services is based on the knowledge and experience of all our professionals, Earth develops a continual education program that keeps our staff updated with the regulatory changes, new techniques, products, and systems. Specific client needs are reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure that all deliverables are consistent in format and of the highest quality attainable. All technical reports are reviewed by our senior Environmental Consultant to ensure that work is performed in accordance with all applicable regulations, guidelines, and technical specifications, if applicable, and with proposal requirements.


Environmental Health & Safety Commitment

Earth is committed to the health and safety of all of its employees and associated members. Earth has developed, established, and adheres to stringent health and safety programs. The programs comply with applicable health and safety regulations.

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